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1812: Rights of Passage

1812: Rights of Passage

Product Description

A historical novel about the privations suffered during the British impressment of American sailors and other actions that led to the of 1812. It details their impact on Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington and the Chesapeake naval and privateer society and demonstrates the idealism and greed, passion and racism of this formative time in our country's history. The action focuses on battles at sea including the pivotal battle between the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) and HMS Guerriere.
The hero is Nathan Jeffries. His father had been a naval hero, but his Quaker mother wanted a for her . All that changed after the disastrous Embargo of 1807, and by 1812, Nathan has lost his freedom, his fiancee, his best friend and perhaps soon his life. The world was suddenly at War and Nathan lives in torment and fear.
The Jeffries' sworn enemy, Richard Auster, wanted Nathan to suffer final reprisal at sea, ruled by the British lion. But the a way to wage a War of his own.

About the Author

Bert J. Hubinger is the author of "Sea Drums and Other Poems" and editor of "The Journal of the of 1812". This is the first published novel in his trilogy on the War of 1812.

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