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Advanced Minecraft: The Expert User's Survival Guide

Advanced Minecraft: The Expert User's Survival Guide

Book Description

Here it is: the user guide we’ve all been waiting for!
Do you want to know the advanced tips and secrets of Minecraft’s advanced systems like crafting, enchanting, potion brewing, farming and redstone use?
Minecraft is a challenging game to learn, but getting comfortable is only the beginning. There’s a whole other dimension, The Nether, to explore. There are potions to be brewed, rails systems to be made and ridden, new crops like potatoes and carrots to be farmed, enchantments to be made, and fortifications to be set up! This helpful user guide clearly shows you Advanced Minecraft tips and strategies, fully illustrated with screenshots. It includes step by step instructions for Minecraft’s advanced systems like brewing potions, enchanting weapons and tools, and using redstone circuits.
Each topic covers advanced tips and tricks, and the book is written in a friendly and approachable style and is suitable for the Minecraft game for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.
You will:
learn how to enchant your weapons and toolslearn a mining strategy that yields more diamonds, iron, and riches while keeping you well out of harm’s wayunderstand the basics of redstone wiringfarm every crop and obtain all potion brewing componentsnavigate and master The Nether and its unique, deadly denizensbuild effective fortifications like walls and murder holes to keep you safe from mobs
About the Author
My first night in Minecraft was spent huddling in a sand pit while listening to skeletons rattling around trying to get me. I had spiders crawling in my buildings and I'd fall in lava while mining. I learned from every mistake I made until I could keep myself safe and carve out piles of treasure.
I've since learned to mine in safety, travel the Nether, and build redstone traps. You can do it too, with the tips I've laid out in the book. I've put it all in; brewing, crafting, storage, enchantment, redstone, advanced mining strategy, farming tips, and more. Scroll up, click the buy button, and fire up a new Minecraft world today!
Table of Contents:
Supplies to Bring
Controlling Water and Lava
Finding Materials
A Simple, Safe Mining Technique
A Mining Office
Water Travel
Advanced Defense
Choosing a Site
Murder Holes
Farming Animals
Farming Crops
Optimum Food Sources
Mine Rails
Starts and Stops
Advanced Rails
Multiple Players
The Nether
Navigating The Nether
Nether Materials
Nether Mobs
Brewing Potions

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