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Becoming Pagan: A Guide

Becoming Pagan: A Guide

About the Author

Ty is a Pagan chaplain to the Welsh prison service with many years experience of helping people to find a in their lives.

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'Becoming Pagan' is simply a bite size introduction to many aspects of Paganism, one cannot say all aspects, as Paganism today is huge and no list can be exhaustive. The book aims to go back to basics; explaining things in the simplest of terms, but not forgetting we are in the 21st century. Contents are based on common and weekly asked questions, by those Ty helps to teach and facilitate. It is not a 'one' way it is just 'a' way, to help anyone find their Path. There are 8 , corresponding to the 8 spokes on the wheel of the year, most with three sub Chapters, introducing a of areas and common features associated with Paganism, for example , witchcraft and meditation. Accompanying the on the Sabbats will either be a prayer, a dedication or associated deity (mainly British or Northern European).

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