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Brother Sister Taboo Sex Stories (Family Sex)

Brother Sister Taboo Sex Stories (Family Sex)

Product Description

Brother offers 3 sizzling hot stories from popular erotica writers Angel Wild and Alexis Young.
This special Kindle book includes the following titles:
Little Sister And My Big Cock
Prom Night With Little Sister
Banging Little Sister
WARNING: This is an for ADULTS ONLY! All characters are over the age of eighteen. This story contains graphic depictions of sexual intercourse, oral sex, and sex between a stepbrother and his step.

From the Author

"I want to kiss your cock," she replied.
Sarah wasted no time, as she pulled her brother's thick cock out of his boxers. She gasped at the sight of it. It was at least 9 inches long with a thick, creamy girth that would satisfy any woman.  
She knelt before her , and carefully reached out wrapping her small fist around his thick shaft. The skin was so soft that she longed to run her tongue all over it.  She squeezed her small hand around it, unable to grip its entire thickness, and slowly stroked the skin up and down.
"Oh, God," Andrew moaned, absorbed in the incredible sensations of his Sister's warm hand against his hot skin.
She stroked his cock up and down softly, before leaning over to kiss the tip of his cock, her tongue leaving a wet trail of saliva all over the head.
Sarah looked up at her Big Brother, her eyes filled with passion and desire.  
"Does it feel good?" she asked, wanting to hear him moan louder and tell her just how incredible it felt.
Andrew groaned, nodding his head furiously as he could do little more than watch his Sister take control of his cock.

Brother Sister Taboo Sex Stories (Family Sex) Book Reviews

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