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Campus Cravings: In Bear's Bed

Campus Cravings: In Bear's Bed

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Book seven in the Campus Cravings Series
Coming out of the closet is never easy, but if you're a 6'5, 290 lb All-, it's even harder. Nate “Bear” Tucker has dealt with his homosexuality by protecting others. No one has ever tempted him to “come out” and jeopardise his promising . That is until he meets Liam.
Soccer player, Liam O'Brien is in dire need of a , and Bear is more than happy to protect the cute sophomore. The problem is the more time Bear spends with Liam the smaller the closet becomes.
Even more, with the start of a new year and new life, Bear's football career is endangered by a . This time he'll need Liam to protect him...from himself.

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