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Cricket and Honey The right to remain silent

Cricket and Honey The right to remain silent

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aka Synai Hutchinson, a top notch undercover officer, on a case to bring down a major drug mogul. She plays her part well, and he has given her his heart and his ring wanting her to be his wifey! When this heat comes down, Cricket loses her cool and opens herself to unforeseen danger. Will she be able to pull it together? Or will the playa get played?
aka Nikki Booker also undercover, has her sights set on exposing the corruption of the music industry’s biggest producer. Honey’s voice is sweeter than her name, wanting secretly to realize her own dreams of becoming a singer as she hits all the right notes for him. When Honey finds out information she shouldn’t, somebody’s dead and somebody’s left dying!
These two women are thrown together by circumstance, but will what brought them together be what pulls them apart?
Cricket and is a ride into the underside of humanity where for a price, revenge is a dish served slow and deliberate.
So, buckle up and take a ride with and Honey, as these phenomes show us how to take a bite out of crime and try not get bitten in the process.

Cricket and Honey The right to remain silent Book Reviews

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