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David-Jonathan/David-Saul (Superbook Video Bible #19) [VHS]

David-Jonathan/David-Saul (Superbook Video Bible #19) [VHS]

Two inquisitive children stumble upon an ancient book and open a fascinating gateway to adventure. This "superbook" transports Chris, Joy, and their toy robot, Gizmo, back across the centuries and right into the middle of the Bible happenings. In this exciting animated series of adventures they meet Noah and Jonah, watch the Red Sea part, and find themselves in the stable with the baby Jesus. Kids will thrill to the breathtaking action and remember forever the heartwarming lessons each episode portrays. --"Faithful and True" The story of david and jonathan. David becomes close friends with 's son, Jonathan. But Saul's jealousy and hatred of David grow greater and greater, until he decides to kill David. So Jonathan must help David escape. David and Saul--"David, the King" The story of David and Saul. A planned feast almost turns into disaster when Saul tries to kill David. See how God saves David, then proclaims him King of Israel after Saul dies in battle. Ages 12 and under; running time approximately 40 minutes

David-Jonathan/David-Saul (Superbook Video Bible #19) [VHS] Book Reviews

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