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Empowered by Empathy : 25 Ways to Fly in Spirit

Empowered by Empathy : 25 Ways to Fly in Spirit


Empowered by Empathy Reviewed by Cynthia If you are aware that your empathy whether for people, animals, the environment, or whatever overwhelms you from time to time, by showing you how to harness your ability so it does not run off with you, Rose Rosetree s latest book, Empowered by Empathy: 25 Ways to Fly in Spirit, could save your life. Definitely it will provide you with the knowledge you need to understand and unfold your gift. Even if you believe you are a very advanced empath, I assure you that Rosetree has a thing or three to add that not only will accelerate the growth of your abilities, but also increase your stability and joy in the process. And perhaps best of all, Rosetree s book gently and skillfully guides those who simply feel drawn to the through the underlying concepts of recognizing their own empathic strengths and then provides exercises to help them unfold their abilities. In a nutshell, Empowered by Empathy describes ethical ways to connect with others while maintaining your own boundaries and staying grounded. Miracles ensue, as I shall explain. If Empowered by Empathy were a pop psych book, it would plod through types of people and describe how to recognize each one, with tips on how to cope with each type as a spouse, child, boss or employee. Instead, startlingly and delightfully, Rosetree begins by turning the telescope around and defining types of (!). With guidelines and little tests, she helps the reader sort out his or her own type(s) of empathy to very fine, very real, and very important levels of distinction. For example, in the chapter, Your Gifts for Empathy, Rosetree distinguishes between intuition and oneness. Thus there isn t a broad category of physical empathy; instead Rose explains that the form of empathy involves knowing what someone else s body is feeling, while physical oneness is feeling their feelings in your body (i.e., when you put your attention on someone with a stomach ache, you feel your stomach start to hurt). Obviously it can be crazy-making to have feelings flood into you from others with no conceptual framework or off button, so many readers will find enormous validation in having their experiences explained to them, probably for the first time. And more readers will find the validation of knowing for the first time that others share their experiences. They will gain the confidence to see more powerfully what they have already been seeing. For example, one aha! came for me when Rosetree described how the faces of people and animals change in your perception as you come to know them. I have known this for a long time, but it never occurred to me to say much about it because no one else seemed to notice the phenomenon. Now I feel certain I will be able to see even more deeply into how this is so. Rosetree explains both common and rare types of empathy along with ways to recognize which of these abilities match yours. Common types of empathy include physical intuition, physical oneness, emotional intuition and emotional oneness. Less common are intellectual shape shifting, the ability to follow the maze of someone else s thought process, and spiritual oneness, the ability to experience how it is to be a completely different person. (I d like to see intellectual shape shifting get a more accurate name consistent with the others, like intellectual intuition. ) Rare forms of empathy are molecular empathy (too hard to summarize), animal empathy, medical intuitives, gardening empaths, crystal empaths, and environmental empaths. --Pathways Magazine Fall, 2004
Reviewed by C. Apell I cant deny it; I was a bit skeptical about this book at first glance. But upon delving deeper, I found Rose Rosetrees work to be an enlightening and thorough guidebook for empaths. And just who is an empath? What are the differences between and Physical Oneness, Emotional Intuition and Emotional Oneness? Why do need to practice grounding techniques? The answers to such questions, as well as exercises to help develop awareness of empathy can all be found here. Ms. Rosetree s easy way of putting into words concepts that I had been vaguely aware of but never thought there was any way of quantifying or describing is very refreshing. By sharing her own personal experiences with empathy she demonstrates that you, too, can recognize your own empathic gifts and learn to use them as tools to build a more balanced and joyful life. --Fearless Reviews, 2001
Review by Lisa Wechtenheiser Jen's upset about something, my co-worker said about our receptionist. I looked up from my paperwork and replied: How can you tell that just by how she walks down the hallway? I don't know. I just can. Can't everyone? Actually, no. Only one in twenty of us are empaths - those of us who identify with and understand another's situation, feelings, and motives (American Heritage dictionary). Rose Rosetree, teacher, author and yes, empath has written and recorded a very unique guide for those of us with these wonderful skills in Empowered by Empathy. Not only does she explain the various forms of empathic knowing (emotional oneness, intellectual shapeshifting, etc.) but she goes on to offer a variety of techniques specifically designed to assist in working with these gifts rather than being hindered by them. My co-worker, mentioned above, is exquisitely attuned to what others are feeling. Yet, she's had to all but turn that ability off in order to stay afloat emotionally. Because of her centered and calm demeanor, others are drawn to her and she often finds herself drowning in their STUFF. If you've been there, as I have, you know it's not a fun place to be. Rose teaches skills that will show you how to turn down the empathy dial so you can still be present for others but take care of yourself at the same time. She also gives you real life examples to clarify her points and shares her answers to questions the reader might have (based on her years of working with empaths). One of the things I like most about all of Rose's books is her ability to speak to different levels of the audience without losing anyone by being too technical nor boring anyone by being too basic. --Midwest Book Review

Product Description

Stop picking up other people's pain. Learn to use the gift(s) you already have and find out what will really protect you best. To become a skilled empath will change your life. No other method for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs), empaths, or intuitives can wake you up from inside and protect you like this pioneering method of Empath Empowerment(TM). This book shows you all you need to know to turn your gift(s) OFF most of the time. There are also amazing techniques to turn your gift(s) ON, for a direct empath-merge, in person or with someone in a photograph. Learn more about this book and Rose Rosetree's pioneering work at the Rose Rosetree dotcom.

From the Publisher

Will this book be for you? You're invited to read following, quoted from the dedication at the front of the book. Poets, singers, artists: you who yearn to express the truth and yet more truth, open now to the ways you already create and create without ceasing through your spirit’s gifts. Dancers, actors, musicians, photographers, creators of all kinds and intensities: you who fervently wish that someone, that enough someones, might give you the chance to show your talent, open now and be refreshed. Once upon this time, right here, in this room, know that wherever you are, you show forth your gifts and applause for them shakes in the air like the sound right before thunder. Because you move as an empath, you are an awakener, not only through the skills that you cherish but in all the ways that you serve, bringing light to this world on a silver (though invisible) platter. Even you, the hidden ones, you who keep your gifts secret, even you whose gifts are kept so far secret that you do not know them yet, stop holding back your tears. Hear the call. Awaken to the mystery of all you can know and all that you share, for our world, like you, is ready to break wide open and show forth the full joy of God.

From the Author

If I was born to do one thing, it was to write this book. My life experience, education, gifts, pain, healing, teaching, inspiration, and greatest delight--all are to be found in this book. I wrote it during three months of bliss, then spent three years of slog, doing edits so the book would be as easy for you to read as it was for me to write. ;-) Recently I’ve done newspaper interviews far from my home in Sterling, Virginia, using my empathic techniques to give insights about total strangers who are locally well known politicians; the accuracy of the techniques in this book is mirrored by the glee of reporters, as in: “Rose Rosetree can spot a potential fibber a mile away. Or, in this case, 2,400 miles away.” Yes, it is definitely possible for a skilled empath to enter into another person’s experience through something as simple as a jpeg photo on the Internet. The amount of quality information you can receive is enormous. My students have had success with the techniques in this book and you can, too. Do you have a friend or relative who worries about being “too” sensitive? I urge you to buy this book for that person. Although the book hasn’t been out long, many people have told me it has changed their lives dramatically. If you’re one of those people, this could be the most important book you’ve had in a long time.

About the Author

Rose Rosetree pioneers techniques for using deeper perception in everyday life. Media interviews have brought this award-winning teacher's work to Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. In America, she has been featured in USA Today, The Washington Post, Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, The Catholic Standard, and Country Weekly. Her appearance on ABC's "The View" was the top-rated segment for the week. A Brandeis University graduate and award-winning teacher, Rose Rosetree has taught personal development techniques since 1970. By September 2008, over 200,000 of her books were in print.

Empowered by Empathy : 25 Ways to Fly in Spirit Book Reviews

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