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Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel

Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel

From Booklist

Prolific songwriter, journalist, and TV screenwriter Bonta turns to the novel and creates an auspicious, genre-bending parable that splices together quantum physics, crazy coincidences, the sf convention scene, and . Intrepid interdimensional space traveler is the heroine of writer Mendle Orion's award-winning novels and also the object of his most cherished fantasies. When a naked, amnesiac woman appears in his hotel room during an sf convention, Mendle rejoices that his faith in the power of love and cosmic coincidence has magically brought Aira to life. His ex-girlfriend, however, questions his already dubious sanity and investigates the girl's true identity. Yet as Aira's memory returns, so does her power, as the unlimited-energy being Mendle envisioned, to teach all those around her to create their own realities. Bonta's storytelling skills transform an outlandish New Age premise into a refreshing send-up of sf stereotypes that, remarkably, also works as an inspiring romantic adventure. Carl Hays
--This text refers to the Hardcover edition.


" ... her (Bonta's) performance is brilliant. I was hooked on this story, the tale is ingenious." -- Audiogeist, March 2008
"Bonta's reading is clear and provides a satisfying atmosphere for this tale. Recommended
for larger collections." -- Library Journal, March 2008
"This novel within a novel will captivate readers with a story of space travel between dimensions. Readers will feel part of the story, and will hate to see it end. You don't have to be a fan of to read this book, it's a cross-genre novel that everyone will enjoy." Ruth Augustine -- Blogcritics, May 2008
" reads her own work and is a refreshing
and engaging narrator. She occasionally uses vocal effects but never to excess. This is a book with much to say." -- AudioFile Magazine, June 2008
"Vanna Bonta's voice is entrancing
- quickly making an engrossing connection between the listeners and the characters; her versatility as a voice actor brings a very realistic feel to the book. The combination of the characters, storyline, and Bonta's voice make the audio book an intense and memorable experience. Bonta's voice keeps each character completely unique, a challenge in many audio books. Flight is an amazingly positive, life-affirming book, filled with beauty." -- Boston Now, January 2008
Mendle J. Orion, Science Fiction writer and poet, cherishes his latest literary creation, Aira Flight. When he finds a naked amnesiac, who looks identical to his beloved Aira, he believes that his deep abiding love for her has brought the fictional character to life. To substantiate his belief that this is Aira in the flesh, her friend from his novel Onx has also materialized. Sandra Wilford wants Mendle for herself. Though she is brilliant (in a calculating way) and beautiful, she knows that she cannot compete with his characters when they only remain on a printed page. If Aira has come to life as Mendle claims, Sandra realizes that, unless she does something drastic she has lost her man. She begins to investigate the amnesiac, but learns things about mankind that would have turned the head of Dr. Frankenstein. Science Fiction fans need to take a FLIGHT into a very interesting novel where quantum physics meets human relationships at the crossroads of dreams and reality. The story line is fun as it humorously jabs save the world and self help books and tapes. Mendle is an interesting dreamer while Sandra is an intriguing schemer. However, it is the ephemeral Aira who steals the show, leaving readers to understand the premise that I think, therefore I create. Vanna Bonta's novel is the best look at the quantum physics universe since the Professor Q books of Trevor Hoyle. Great work that will be devoured by fans who enjoy unique . -- Harriet Klausner, March 26, 1998

From the Publisher

In this entertaining and inspiring rocket-ride through the spectrum of reality, new writer tunnels vistas past every day appearances into other dimensions. If you have ever felt out of place, far from home, or as though there is something magical about yourself which you can almost remember, FLIGHT is your ticket. Satisfying as both romantic mystery and action adventure, this is a story about undying love where dreams aren't the opposite of reality, True Love is the best sex, and life could be so good, it's true.
--This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

From the Inside Flap

Science-fiction writer Mendle J Orion is obsessed with True Love. Writing day and night, he has created Aira Flight, his new heroine. He is utterly in love with her, believing more every day that she is real. Mendle has even gone so far as to end his tempestuous relationship with Sandra Wilford, a journalist with the "perfect body."
A rebel and a misfit, Mendle refuses to condone the injustice and degradation accepted as normal daily life on the planet. He is obsessed with coincidence and vehemently believes that the world is an illusion. As he skates reality's edge and his friends fear for his sanity, a bizarre and startling event shocks Mendle and worries everyone that he is losing his grip on reality.
While attending a science-fiction convention in Anaheim, California, a violent storm crashes outside his hotel. Inside, alone in his room, Mendle grapples with his eroding sense of sanity. Deciding that a shower might help, he turns toward the bathroom and finds, huddled in a corner, a soaking wet young woman who strangely resembles his science-fiction heroine.
Questioning her, he soon realizes she can't remember who she is or where she came from -- she has amnesia. Mendle, excited and overjoyed, exclaims, "It's you. You're !'
He promptly proclaims the disoriented girl to be a goddess from another planet, his dream-girl come to life, and he takes her home. Sandra, now convinced of his madness, investigates the true identity of this stranger.
A series of amazing and often amusing experiences yields clues, but Aira's identity remains a mystery. Then, with the help of a government contact, Sandra makes an incredible discovery. The resulting revelation about all the inhabitants of Earth culminates into a most wondrous day in history.

From the Back Cover

MYSTERY ACTION-ADVENTURE ROMANCE IN THE SPACE AGE Aira Flight, Mendle Orion, and Onx burst forth as super-heroes in this new genre on the frontiers of scientific discovery: thought affects matter. FLIGHT is an amazing romp from author Vanna Bonta, described by the legendary Gene Roddenberry, "...now this is a writer." Have you ever...
Noticed coincidences in your life?
Wondered who you really are?
Felt far from home?
Wished for ? We have long gone past knowing walls are not solid. In a universe of perfect relativity, harmony, and mathematics, it should be no surprise that there is specific, scientific reason for all we think, for who we meet and love, for what we do and dream, and for everything that unfolds in our lives. True Love transcends time, death, and even the material world. Perhaps the only impossible thing for those who love is to be apart. Our thought affects the physical world much more than we realize. The illusion is that we are only physical.

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