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Goldmine of Baby Names Girls!

Goldmine of Baby Names Girls!

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This book provides a valuable of names to use in your search for your “perfect baby name.”
A recent survey found that more than half of the parents surveyed indicated that they wish they had chosen a different name for their child. They gave many reasons why they had chosen the “wrong name.” One of the reasons was not having done enough research or put sufficient effort and thought into the selection process.
Like a set of clothes, a name can be in or out of fashion, grey or colorful, serious or quirky – or just impossible to classify in one of the many established categories. A name must be comfortable in a changing environment and be able to grow with your child. It should always be an asset rather than a liability. Choosing the “just right” name for your baby is therefore one of the most important decisions you will ever make – and one of the greatest gifts you can give to your baby.
Just as you don’t need a “personal shopper” to accompany you when you shop for a set of clothes, you don’t need countless pages advising you on how to choose a baby name. Because of this we have eliminated unnecessary advice and provided helpful lists for you to contemplate at your leisure.
The table of CONTENTS is the key to using this book effectively. Unlike a novel, you may want to “skip around” the different sections, as your interests may lead you. Because of this we have crafted the CONTENTS page to make it simpler for you to scan the titles of different categories and make it easier for you to go directly to categories that are of particular interest to you.
In deciding which information to present in this book, we considered that names are chosen on the basis of many factors, including geographical location, time period and the personal interests of the parents:
1. Geographical location (lists by state, U.S., and selected countries)
2. Time period (lists by year and decades).
3. Personal interests (lists of famous names in elected categories).
We also considered that sometimes just as a couple may meet for the first time by a stroke of “pure luck,” so can a “perfect baby name” be chanced upon simply by the turning of a page. Because of this we have included an extensive “Goldmine of Baby Names.” This resource is useful in providing a list of names in alphabetical order and not strictly categorized in specific sections. Many of the names also contain the name meaning, origin and a list of similar names.
Good luck in your search for the “Perfect Baby Name!"

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