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Groups at Work: Theory and Research (Applied Social Research Series)

Groups at Work: Theory and Research (Applied Social Research Series)


One strength of this book is that the vast majority of the provides significant contributions to theory on intragroup processes and the interplay among individuals, , and the social context in organizations. On the whole, the Chapters are well written and most serve as very effective reviews of their specific content domain....Overall, Groups at Work contains a large number of Chapters that provide interesting and valuable perspectives on group theory and .Personnel PsychologyGroups at Work: Theory and Research is a marvelous sourcebook for anyone interested in understanding current theoretical and empirical knowledge of the interrelationships between Groups and organizations...Chapters include a clear review of the literature, well-articulated conceptual models, and often, empirical evidence illustrating core concepts...For instructors of group work or organizational theory classes, the book represents a good option for presenting state-of-the-art in source material. With ...the book contains numerous well-written, well-argued, and well-documented on the performance of work teams. Many Chapters contain new ideas, new data, or extensions beyond work published elsewhere...Administrative Science QuarterlyThis is a book that must be read by all of us interested in understanding Groups and teams at work. This book is well organized and the authors have done a great job in presenting their ideas...This volume brings us a step closer in having a comprehensive understanding of how Groups and teams work in industrial, government, or military organizations...This volume is a step closer because it brings together diverse theories, ideas, and from varied disciplines for disparate applications.Contemporary Psychology, APA REVIEW OF BOOKS

Groups at Work: Theory and Research (Applied Social Research Series) Book Reviews

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