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Healthy Soup Recipes: 40 Delicious Tasting Home made Recipes

Healthy Soup Recipes: 40 Delicious Tasting Home made Recipes

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After many years cooking for friends, family, and in hotels and restaurants I have put together my own collection of .
The main thoughts behind the recipes are those of eating healthily and simply. People often think that cooking things from ‘scratch’ is difficult and time consuming but I hope you will see that this is not the case. One of the main differences with these recipes is the use of rapeseed oil as the base for the ingredients. This is because rapeseed oil contains half the saturated fat and more of the important omega 3 than the favourite olive oil and so it is an even healthier oil. If you can’t get rapeseed oil, olive oil is fine and I have used it in some of the recipes if it helps the flavour but if you are thinking of your heart, rapeseed is the best alternative.
The other main difference is that there is no added salt in any of the recipes. Again this is because it is recognised that too much salt is bad for health particularly blood pressure and any health information will tell you to limit the daily intake of salt. There are a variety of ingredients both vegetable and meat so there should be something for every taste. So get your pan out and try a new healthy recipe today!
If your looking for delicious and healthy recipes you can make at home then look no further with over 40 unique recipes included you will have lot's of great choice when making soups.

Healthy Soup Recipes: 40 Delicious Tasting Home made Recipes Book Reviews

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