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Natural Remedies for Dogs for Arthritis, Fleas, "Hot Spots" and Tumors

Natural Remedies for Dogs for Arthritis, Fleas, "Hot Spots" and Tumors

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Here are some customers used successfully for their dogs for arthritis, fleas, "coat hot spots" and shrinking tumors.
Itching Red Spots on Dogs “Hot Spots”.
My Dad’s dog had this. He is tight with his money (my dad not the dog) and didn’t want to pay $200 at the vet, so this is what we did. Thankfully, worked great! This problem can be caused by mites, fungus, fleas or bugs or an allergy to any of these. This formula tends to work in most of these situations.
For a 50 pound dog, raise or lower the dose based on dogs weight. 1 Hannah Kroger Wormwood Capsule a day in food for about 3 weeks. This kills fleas, mites and parasites from the inside. Also tends to make dogs smell bad to bugs. If you can get some food grade this can be substituted for the wormwood to kill bugs from the inside. Remember to get the food grade the other kind is for swimming pools. Put a tablespoon of this a day in the dogs food per 50 pound dog, more or less based on weight. Do this for about three weeks. You can dust the dog with this outside once a week, it will kill bugs on his coat. Some ranchers put this by the cattle watering troughs, so the cattle bump against the Diatomaceous Earth container when they go under it and get some on their skin to repel fleas and bugs.
Get some plastic gloves and rub mixed with on spots twice a day. Put some Aloe Vera Gel in your hand and add a few drops on Tea Tree Oil and rub it in. Raw coconut oil is very soothing and healing for skin irritations as well.
You know how if a tree didn’t have bark it might have a lot of issues? Well oil protects the skin. Dogs in dog shows often have safflower oil in their food for beautiful shiny coats. Add a tablespoon of safflower oil a day to the food of a 50 pound dog, more or less based on weight for other dogs. This makes the skin and coat stronger and tends to minimize and heal skin issues.
The tea tree tends to kill fungus or mange. The aloe is soothing.
So if it was fungus the Tea Tree Oil mixed with aloe hopefully got it. If it was parasites or mites the wormwood and inside and outside got it and if it was allergies the aloe get mixed with hopefully got it!
About the Author
Scott Pritchard has had 26 years working with Natural Remedies. He has managed two health food stores and owned two businesses. He has written 12 books and booklets. He gives lectures and has had his own radio show on a religious radio station teaching to the radio audience. His approach is straightforward. People tell him what works and he tells other people.
He has an M.B.A., is a certified herbalist, certified nutritional consultant, has a computer degree, a management degree, is a toastmaster, herbal wine maker (invents healing wines) and world traveler.
From a metaphysical /spiritual point of view, he is a Certified Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master and Egyptian Reiki Master. He does muscle testing and uses intuition to help achieve the best answers. Once in a while, he invents his own healing formulas. He hopes to market these soon.
His hobbies include golf (has owned two golf shops) and table tennis (high school, college champion, has played in the U.S. Open against the U.S. Champion, but lost darn it) and loves to garden . He thanks his family, friends God, Jesus and customers for everything.
This information is for educational use only. All matters concerning physical and mental health should be supervised by a health provider knowledgeable in treating that particular condition. Neither the publisher nor the author directly or indirectly dispenses medical advice nor do they prescribe any remedies or assume any responsibility for those who treat themselves. If you have serious conditions get it treated! This information is based on 25 years of anecdotal success stories from the southwest United States and individual

Natural Remedies for Dogs for Arthritis, Fleas, "Hot Spots" and Tumors Book Reviews

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