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No Sure Victory: Measuring U.S. Army Effectiveness and Progress in the Vietnam War

No Sure Victory: Measuring U.S. Army Effectiveness and Progress in the Vietnam War


"This timely and important book is a major addition to the military of the Vietnam
War. It should be required reading for those grappling with the issues posed by counterinsurgency wars today."--George C. Herring, Alumni Professor Emeritus of History, University of Kentucky, and author of
From Colony to Superpower
No Sure Victory, Gregory Daddis has asked questions about the past that speak directly to the present: How should progress in a counterinsurgency war be measured? What is the defi nition of victory-and what is its meaning? The effort of the US military and civilian command to answer these questions and their ultimate failure to do so is the burden of Daddis' book. He writes as a professional soldier as well as an historian, and his meticulously researched and carefully argued account makes a signifi cant contribution to the ongoing effort to understand the ."--Marilyn B. Young, Professor of History, New York University, and author of
The Vietnam Wars
"Stunning in its research and highly sophisticated in its analysis,
No Sure Victory is far
and away the best study we have of the way the US Army measured its performance
during the Vietnam War. Daddis argues that US strategists were far more interested in
data collection than they were in data analysis. This failure had a dramatic impact on the
conduct and outcome of the war. An important study with monumental implications for
US military policy in the future."--Robert Brigham, Shirley Ecker Boskey Professor of and International Relations, Vassar College
"...Engaging...Daddis has written a provocative and well-researched book...It will be of value to both students and historians of the , in addition to military professionals interested in contemporary counterinsurgency operations." --
Vietnam Magazine
No Sure Victory is a thought-provoking look at a problem that is both perennial and current...essential reading for anyone concerned with our current and probable future conflicts."
"Deeply researched and revealing" --
VVA Veteran
"Daddis ... probes more deeply than anyone has previously done into the army's Measurements of Progress Reports, and the collective inability to agree on a set of meaningful dominant indicators of military and political effectiveness."--Times Literary Supplement

About the Author

Gregory A. Daddis is Academy Professor of History at the Military Academy, West Point, and a Colonel in the US Army. A West Point graduate, he has served in numerous army command and staff positions in the United States and overseas and is a veteran of both Operations Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. He is the author of
Fighting in the Great Crusade: An 8th Infantry Artillery Officer in .

No Sure Victory: Measuring U.S. Army Effectiveness and Progress in the Vietnam War Book Reviews

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