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Old Souls (Old Souls Series)

Old Souls (Old Souls Series)

Book Description

Book One of a new Young Adult by the author of the Fractured Multiverse series.Issai has had enough. For the past five thousand plus years, he has been successively reborn hundreds of times with all his previous lives’ memories intact, all the while relentlessly compelled to wander the earth in pursuit of an elusive something he has yet to even identify. Over the centuries, whispers of others similar to him began to surface, and his kind became known as Old Souls.Unable to find answers for his seemingly endless existence and no longer willing to play in what he fears is just a game for the gods’ amusement, his wanderings and questions and settles in an isolated town in the kingdom of Sarim, determined to resist the strong urge to be on the move that has dictated his entire existence. However, he is attacked shortly by the Shi, hunters of Old Souls that believe they can steal their “immortality” by consuming parts of an Old Soul through various rituals.Forced to flee, Issai soon encounters Hahri, a loud-mouthed Old Soul with the same compulsion and inhuman speed to rival Issai’s own, inadvertently triggering a painful reaction to each other that is aggravated by the distance between them. When futile and the other offers him a hint to the mystery behind their compulsion, Issai not only reluctantly finds himself once again in pursuit of the very answers he had forsaken, but also running from a relentless enemy whose unprecedented numbers suggest that immortality may not be their only goal.Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Old Souls (Old Souls Series) Book Reviews

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