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Perfect Crime (Mystery & Adventure)

Perfect Crime (Mystery & Adventure)

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The black waters of the lake sucked the air out of the car as it rolled from the shore to the depths beyond. Two men stood on the rocky beach, watching. They could have brushed their hands in satisfaction. But they didn't. No smile arched their faces; no congratulatory words passed their lips. A woman was dead.
"All for nothing," one of them said.
The other lit a cigarette and blew smoke in the direction of the sinking car. The white fumes faded just as the hood of the convertible sank. "There are always innocent victims..."
"This path has no winners." There was nothing to see but regret across the calm waters of Lake Michigan. "May God have mercy on your soul."
As he turned away, the other was left to wonder if the prayer was for the dead, or for him…

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