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Sexy Stories: Stories for Women (Sexy Stories Series)

Sexy Stories: Stories for Women (Sexy Stories Series)

Product Description

Get ready for some of the finest and hottest stories ever! This is an edition that was prepared specially for our female readers: 15 sweet stories written in a more delicate and passionate style that will play with your imagination!
Check out the table of :
1. Dancing Instructions
2. Mature Relationship
3. Liz Makes Out
4. The Tutor
5. Our Breath Sweaty Embrace
6. April Surprise
7. Wife Turned Bi
8. The Twilight Club
9. Dreams can Come True
10. A Story for You
12. Ticket to Nowhere
13. Sleeping Sex
14. Pleasure
15. Chat Room
Get this great erotic collection to your 's and enjoy sweet and naughty fantasies!

Sexy Stories: Stories for Women (Sexy Stories Series) Book Reviews

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