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ISIS Taking Over the Middle East: The Rise of Middle Eastern Supremacy-ISIS/ISIL
  • ISIS Taking Over the Middle East: The Rise of Middle Eastern Supremacy-ISIS/ISIL
  • -Explains the formation, effects, beliefs, and objectives of the group The world has been rocked with news of the rise of a new power in the Middle East. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) (also known as the Islamic State of Levant (ISIL) and Da’ish) currently controls up to 16 provinces (waliyah) in Iraq and Syria.
Coaching The Modern 4-4-2 Diamond Soccer Formation: Tactics & Training Exercises
Le Chemin des Fleurs - Tome 11 (French Edition)
  • Le Chemin des Fleurs - Tome 11 (French Edition)
  • Le binôme que formaient Kyônosuke et Ichiya est mis en pause et les deux amis commencent à emprunter des chemins différents. Suite au chantage de Kanjirô, l'élève de la Todorokiya se retrouve affublé d'un nouveau partenaire tandis que l'héritier de la Kijimaya part en formation dans une autre école : la Yonekomaya.
Word 2013 100% concret (French Edition)
  • Word 2013 100% concret (French Edition)
  • Cette formation 100% concrète consacrée à Microsoft Word 2013 regroupe des réponses concrètes couvrant les niveaux "débutant" et "expert".Véritable support de cours élaboré par des formateurs reconnus, vous irez directement à la fiche que vous souhaitez consulter et suivrez pas à pas les indications données et illustrées.
LGBT Families (Contemporary Family Perspectives (CFP))
  • LGBT Families (Contemporary Family Perspectives (CFP))
  • Nancy J. Mezey’s LGBT Families presents a comprehensive yet accessible understanding of LGBT families today by drawing upon and making sense of the burgeoning scholarly literature about LGBT families from the late twentieth and early twenty first centuries.
Satanic Revolution: A Sorcerer's Manual, Part 3
  • Satanic Revolution: A Sorcerer's Manual, Part 3
  • Herein these glimmering pages, the Innermost-Self shall rise up from the ebon World of Arcadian lies, in which we are all born into, to speak to you, the Rare and the Bold, the Feral Few, to thus Awaken thy inner-mind into higher states of evolution through the understanding of crucial elements that are indeed paramount, if Self-evolution is so desired.
Lawrence: Warrior and Scholar
  • Lawrence: Warrior and Scholar
  • More than one hundred books have been written about T.E. Lawrence which explore the man and his deeds. Just about every aspect and the many incarnations of his life, his campaigns, the geo-politics of the Arab world, and the influence of the West in it, as Lawrence experienced them, have been examined. However, nobody has gone in search of the mind of the man himself – of his formation and his deep beliefs.
Reading Faces: Reading a person's character by looking at his or her face
  • Reading Faces: Reading a person's character by looking at his or her face
  • Do you believe that you can read a person’s character by looking at his or her face?I didn’t until I met my mother-in-law.She was a Scouser and had made a study of reading faces. She looked at the shape, length, width, lines, formation of eyebrows, eyes, lips and so on and so on.She reckoned she could tell anyone’s character just by looking at them.
Lady and Butler T01 (French Edition)
  • Lady and Butler T01 (French Edition)
  • L'Académie Sôseikan est un pensionnat pour les enfants de la bonne société. Au sein de cet établissement deux cursus coexistent : la classe L, réservée aux héritiers de la noblesse, et la classe B, à la formation des majordomes.
The Origin of the Idea of Chance in Children (Psychology Revivals)
Delaware River Scenic Byway (Images of America Series)
Vous.com (French Edition)
  • Vous.com (French Edition)
  • Fenêtre ouverte sur le monde, Internet est devenu un marché incontournable pour quiconque ; entreprises, professionnels, travailleurs autonomes, artistes ou autres - ayant un produit ou un service à offrir.
Hyper Sexual, Hyper Masculine?
  • Hyper Sexual, Hyper Masculine?
  • Presenting new interview and auto-ethnographic data, and drawing on an array of theoretical approaches methodologies, Hyper Sexual, Hyper Masculine? explores the formation of gendered and sexual identity in the lives of black men, shedding light on the manner in which these are affected by class and social structure.
Prophecy and the Politics of Salvation in Late Georgian England: The Theology and Apocalyptic Vision of Joanna Southcott
A World in Flames: A Short History of the Second World War in Europe and Asia 1939-1945
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