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The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language
  • The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language
  • com Review.Readers who have either found the Bible to be an intimidating proposition or who are so familiar with it that the words have lost their meaning will discover that Eugene Peterson's The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language is a welcome way to read and reread one of the best-loved books of all time.
The Message Old Testament Prophets: In Contemporary Language
  • The Message Old Testament Prophets: In Contemporary Language
  • com Review.The words fresh and new are so overused, we are rightly skeptical when we hear them applied to books. However, in The Message: The Old Testament Prophets, Eugene Peterson again boldly takes on sacred text, translating it into the vernacular in--dare we say it?--fresh, new ways.
Minor Prophets
  • Minor Prophets
  • Dr. Charles Feinberg's work on the twelve Old Testament prophets brings the life, times, and major emphases of these men of God alive for the reader. The Minor Prophets is a collection of expositional essays on each of the twelve prophets.
Introduction to the Old Testament Prophetic Books
  • Introduction to the Old Testament Prophetic Books
  • Follow a historical line of study through the Old Testament prophets. Get a clear picture of Israel's history and sharper understanding of Old Testament prophets and prophetic literature.C. HASSELL BULLOCK (B.A., Samford University; B.D., Columbia Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Hebrew Union College) is professor of biblical studies at Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois.
Atlas of the Bible Lands
  • Atlas of the Bible Lands
  • The stories of the Bible come to life with this authoritative, richly illustrated, four-color atlas. Follow the Biblical narrative from the Old Testament prophets to the founding of the early christian church with maps, plans, photos and illustrations. Features: * Introduction to the unique geography of the holy land, including terrain, trade routes, vegetation and climate.
The Coming Global Superstorm
  • The Coming Global Superstorm
  • com Review.It's time to stop talking about the weather and do something about it. Paranormal superstars Art Bell and Whitley Strieber bring environmentalism to the masses tabloid-style in The Coming Global Superstorm, a quick look at global warming and its potentially catastrophic effects.
World Orders, Old and New
  • World Orders, Old and New
  • To Chomsky, the Cold War was just a passing phase in the West's 500-year global domination of poorer nations, providing the U.S. with easy formulas to justify criminal interventionist actions abroad and entrenchment of privilege and state power at home.
Discerning the Voice of God: How to Recognize When God Speaks
Exploring People of the Old Testament (John Phillips Bible Characters Series)
  • Exploring People of the Old Testament (John Phillips Bible Characters Series)
  • This title is a devotional in-depth look at people who often inspire us, but sometimes behave in ways that remind us uncomfortably of ourselves. Phillips writes in a fresh engaging style, including historical sidelights and practical applications along with a dusting of imagination in the retelling of beloved Bible stories.
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