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  • """This book is THE perfect introduction and primer for parents whose kids like tennis and want to learn how to play the game correctly.""-Tennis Magazine-United States Tennis Association""This is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide for getting your child started playing the game.
How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization
  • How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization
  • “An eccentric, fascinating exposé of a world most of us know nothing about.” —The New York Times Book Review "An insightful, entertaining, brainiac sports road trip." —The Wall Street Journal "Foer’s skills as a narrator are enviable. His characterizations… are comparable to those in Norman Mailer's journalism.
Lessons from a Golfer
  • Lessons from a Golfer
  • In the summer of 1999, Susan Lebel Young's father had a cardiac scare, resulting in seven-way by-pass surgery. In response to his illness Susan journaled, corresponded with friends and wrote poetry. Here she puts this experience into a story for each of us-weaving the lessons of golf through the lessons of life.
Classic Wiley: A Lifetime of Punchers, Players, Punks and Prophets (Great American Sportswriters)
How to Watch Baseball
  • How to Watch Baseball
  • The first book to help the fan appreciate the subtleties of the game that usually takes years of watching to learn. The author writes for Sports Illustrated, Sport, Inside Sports, and the New York Times. Illustrated.
A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez
  • A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez
  • “Diligent, detailed, and overpowering. This is not a book of conjecture: It’s one of bootstrap journalism.” —New York magazine The New York Times calls sports journalist Selena Roberts’s blistering biography, A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez, “Important…devastating…merciless.
Secretariat (A Da Capo paperback)
  • Secretariat (A Da Capo paperback)
  • There has never been a horse like Secretariat. Winner of the Triple Crown in 1973 and record setter in all three races—an unprecedented feat—he still owns the track records at Churchill Downs, Pimlico, and Aqueduct. William Nack, formerly the racing writer for Newsday and currently contributing editor to Sports Illustrated, fell in love with the horse the first time he saw him run.
The Game: 30th Anniversary Edition
  • The Game: 30th Anniversary Edition
  • Widely acknowledged as the best hockey book ever written and lauded by Sports Illustrated as one of the Top 10 Sports Books of All Time, The Game is a reflective and thought-provoking look at a life in hockey. Ken Dryden, the former Montreal Canadiens goalie and former president of the Toronto Maple Leafs, captures the essence of the sport and what it means to all hockey fans.
Paths to the Olympics: Maze and Blue to Olympic Gold
  • Paths to the Olympics: Maze and Blue to Olympic Gold
  • The Olympics are the world's biggest athletic event. This book tells the story of fifteen athletes, all swimmers from the University of Michigan, and their coach in their own words. They have gone as high as any can in their sport, competing in Olympics from 1976 in Montreal to 1996 in Atlanta, breaking World, American and national records, winning Gold Medals and carrying their country's flags in the Olympics.
Greatest Football Games of All Time
  • Greatest Football Games of All Time
  • Sports Illustrated has gathered the greatest games in pro football history in a single volume that brings those football memories back to vivid life through bold, eye-catching photography and incisive writing from Sports Illustrated senior writer Hank Hersch.
Sports Illustrated May 4 1998 (Where's Daddy Pro athletes have fathered startling numbers of out-of-wedlock children. The NBA Playoffs. Basebal Surprise The Devil Rays.)
His Ownself: A Semi-Memoir
  • His Ownself: A Semi-Memoir
  • The colorful, sentimental, funny, affectionate, cantankerous memoir by the most colorful, funniest, most cantankerous—and probably the most revered—sportswriter of the last fifty years. Dan Jenkins is accepted as one of the greatest (if not the greatest) golf writer of all time, wrote beloved bestselling novels and abused more corporate expense accounts than anyone who ever lived.
Herbst Dan : Sports Illustrated: Soccer (Plume)
Born to Play
  • Born to Play
  • Book Description.From All-Star games to oncology units, Eric Davis shares the powerful story of his impressive will to survive and succeed An incredibly talented athlete from the tough streets of South Central LA, Eric Davis went on to become a crucial part of a World Series Champion team (Cinci
Sports Illustrated Kids in Your Face 3-D: The Best 3-D Book Ever!
  • Sports Illustrated Kids in Your Face 3-D: The Best 3-D Book Ever!
  • Filled with exciting, state-of-the-art 3-D images taken by veteran "Sports Illustrated" photographer David E. Klutho, this book will literally have kids ducking, jumping, and flying out of their chair with every turn of the page. Awesome 3-D images from just about every sport imaginable are featured, including skateboarding, swimming, tennis, baseball, football, motocross, hockey, and wrestling, to name just a few.
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