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Talking To Angels (Italian Version)

Talking To Angels (Italian Version)

Product Description

This book deals with the many emotions we deal with when we lose someone who is very close to us. The long term affects it can cause and points to ways we can deal with those feelings of loss. This is a book very much a part of my heart as I have lost many important people in my life. Our loved ones may be gone from our physical world, but they are always with us in one form or another. This book of spectacular photographs and that will touch your heart is well worth owning or giving to someone you really care for or someone who has lost someone dear to them.

About the Author

Shyanne is a very intuitive writer who has been showing up in several different genres. Shyanne is quickly making a name for herself with her broad range of talents. Shyanne’s style makes her work easy to read and easy to relate to at almost any age. Shyanne has created something for everyone; from young teen to old. Shyanne has written everything from Poetry, to redneck cookbooks, to non- and Fiction. Shyanne Lee is a southern cook and a writer with southern roots. No matter what Shyanne has written, you’re sure to notice that she isn’t just another mainstream author. Shyanne has shown she can not only write it, she can make it her own. Shyanne has her own flavor! Shyanne is certain to continue standing out from the crowd.

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