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The Psychology of Intelligence (Routledge Classics)

The Psychology of Intelligence (Routledge Classics)


'He found, to put it most succinctly, that children don't think like grown-ups Einstein called it a discovery "so simple that only a genius could have thought of it."' -
Time'One of the great psychology classics of all time. One simply cannot be a serious student of intelligence without a careful reading and respectful appreciation of this book.' -

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Think of developmental psychology, and the name of Jean Piaget immediately springs to mind. His theory of learning lies at the very heart of the modern understanding of the human learning process, and he is celebrated as the founding father of child psychology. A prolific writer, is the author of more than fifty books and several hundred articles.
The Psychology of Intelligence is one of his most important works. Containing a complete synthesis of his thoughts on the mechanisms of intellectual development, it is an extraordinary volume by an extraordinary writer. Given his significance, it is hardly surprising that
Psychology Today pronounced Piaget the Best Psychologist of the .

Language Notes

Text: English (translation)
: French

About the Author

Jean Piaget (1896-1980) Swiss psychologist and pioneer in the study of . His work is world-renowned and has had a profound effect on the fields of psychology, sociology, education, and law.

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