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The Queen Anne Fox [A Jessica Tyson Mystery]

The Queen Anne Fox [A Jessica Tyson Mystery]

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Two bodies, necks snapped, like a fox strikes its prey. Jessica Tyson, searching for the killer while gaining self-understanding, travels the world of prostitution and the dark mind of a murderer. One suspect becomes her lover, as others surface, including a kind philanthropist, spinning children's tales of . For Jessica the path leading to the killer is filled with shadows of her past and life lessons for a brighter future. An EPPIE AWARD Finalist! Genre: Mystery / Suspense Enjoy these great Jessica Tyson Mysteries from author Jerol Anderson! THE Queen Anne Fox [A ] GONE MISSING IN THE UNDERGROUND [A Jessica Tyson Mystery] EMMA’S GARDEN [A ]

The Queen Anne Fox [A Jessica Tyson Mystery] Book Reviews

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