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Using Social Media in the Classroom: A Best Practice Guide

Using Social Media in the Classroom: A Best Practice Guide


'It is refreshing to come across a book which combines practical ideas, tips and considerations with serious pedagogical content. It considers how to use social media in the class, as well as why this is such as great opportunity to promote learning and what we should be looking for to ensure students are being appropriately challenged. It is written in accessible language, de-mystifying concepts for the beginner, and challenging experienced social media users to focus on higher-order thinking skills rather than on the 'bells and whistles' technology itself. Highly recommended' Margaret Meredith, Senior Lecturer Primary Education
York St John University
'This book claims to 'bring together the information you need to safely, knowledgeable and media in your classroom'. It does a good job. It is not a step-by-step how to guide - there are plenty of those on line. It is an accessible, informative read that will give the teacher the background they need on the topic, ideas of how to get started and useful advice on putting ideas into practice. The inclusion of advice on how to scaffold the introduction of social media to learners is particularly welcome. Importantly; risk, safety, the digital divide and anticipation of problems are discussed - the things that can otherwise put teachers off. Links are made to educational theory, with reference to further reading for those who want to explore this further. I would recommend it to practicing teachers, trainee teachers and those involved in the training and development of teachers'
-Andrew Connell, Keele University
'Megan Poore's Using Social Media in the Classroom provides a balanced and thorough account of that ways in which social media and Web 2.0 technologies can be used by teachers to enhance and support the learning of students across the curriculum. Poore provides a strong rationale for the use of social media in the classroom, and carefully links the technological applications to and pedagogical approaches. Her treatment of the possible social media and web 2.0 applications is comprehensive and detailed, and contextualised within the broader issues related to young people and ICTs. Using Social Media in the Classroom will be useful for for ways to into their pedagogical repertoire and for teacher education students thinking about how to integrate their current use of social media into their practice' -Nicole Mockler, The University of Newcastle, Australia

Using Social Media in the Classroom: A Best Practice Guide Book Reviews

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